Ryde Carnival 2015


Update 6th September 2015 – The Carnival is over! We hope you enjoyed it, and with your support we look forward to doing it all again next year! There are lots of people without whom Ryde Carnival would not have been possible –
British Red Cross, Businesses and shopkeepers of Ryde; our lovely Carnival Queens, Attendants, Entourage and their Families; our industrious Collectors, raising the funds which will go towards next time; Friends and supporters of Ryde Carnival, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police, Island Roads, Isle of Wight Council, Jeff and his boys at HSS, Paddy and his Island Events Stewards, the fantastic Performers who have made the parade so spectacular and their costume makers who made those performers look fabulous; Ryde Town Council, and most of all the hardworking folk of Ryde Carnival Association. And of course all you enthusiastic, generous, supportive Spectators without whom there wouldn’t have been much point to any of their hard work. Thank you all, you’ve done a great job.